# Insurance Credentialing Services

Quick, Comprehensive Provider Credentialing with PROMOTUS

PROMOTUS credentialing experts will manage the entire credentialing process for you by working directly with payors and following up with primary sources – which gives you more time to deliver patient care and market your practice.

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Why trust PROMOTUS with your provider credentialing?

PROMOTUS understands provider credentialing is essential for practice management, successful payor billing, reimbursement for services, and managing your bottomline. Provider credentialing can be tedious and time-consuming, especially for a busy practitioner. It involves verification of information related to qualifications and experience and extensive follow-up to ensure privileging or permissions for providing specialty services until a provider is enrolled in payor panels.

The specific data elements PROMOTUS will compile and validate for each provider include:

  • Primary source verification of the provider's license to practice
  • NPI number
  • DEA license
  • Work history
  • Degrees and transcripts
  • References from previous employers/practitioners
  • Insurance information
  • Board certification
  • Malpractice claims history
  • License history (sanctions, suspensions, or revocations)
  • CAQH profile setup

Insurance Credentialing Services

Quick, Comprehensive Provider Credentialing with PROMOTUS

Hassle-Free Credentialing

We will guide you through the credentialing process from start to finish, following up with payors and staying on task until you are approved.

Dedicated Credentialing Experts

PROMOTUS credentialing experts have decades of credentialing and medical billing experience to help you determine which panels will benefit your practice most. Deciding which panel is right for your practice can be an odious task. Insurance companies are acutely aware of saturated target areas and could deny you access to their panels. PROMOTUS experts will provide you with feedback that will better inform your choice in panels.

Fast, Efficient Turnaround

PROMOTUS credentialing support is designed to get you verified and enrolled on payors' panels as fast as possible and at a competitive price.

Continuous Status Updates

PROMOTUS credentialing experts will be transparent about your application progress. You will be provided with updates to know your application's exact status.

PROMOTUS fast Comprehensive Credentialing Process includes

PromotUs Insurance Credentialing Services

Step 1: Assessment

PROMOTUS credentialing experts analyze your qualifications to identify the best payors and panels for billing success. What to Expect: transparency, equitable cost for credentialing services, and a realistic timeline for completion

PromotUs Insurance Credentialing Services

Step 2: Validation

PROMOTUS credentialing experts will work with you or your practice administrator, gathering and validating required information pertinent to enrollment. Your account manager will be provided with continuous communication and updates on your application throughout the process. What to Expect: Completed credentialing application and primary source validation

PromotUs Insurance Credentialing Services

Step 3: Follow-Up

PROMOTUS credentialing experts verify contact information to ensure easy exchange of correspondence and compliance. As questions and open items are identified, we coordinate immediate responses to ensure a quick turnaround. What to Expect: Weekly status reports and tracking of all records

PromotUs Insurance Credentialing Services

Monitoring and Recredentialing

PROMOTUS is committed to your practice's success. Billing is the lifeline to your practice. PROMOTUS will provide ongoing support, ensuring your practice stays competitive and relevant even when it comes to re-credentialing. As information is communicated to PROMOTUS regarding re-credentialing within 90 days, your practice administrator will be notified to begin the re-credentialing process. Your dedicated credentialing account manager works with you to complete the process quickly so you can continue providing patient care and billing. What to Expect: Recredential process completed on or before the deadline

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